Project Approach

With over 70 years of experience, Mistick Construction brings a wealth of knowledge to your project, prioritizing your interests. We carefully consider all aspects, from funding and your vision to the community impact and practical functionality. Our focus on efficiency ensures timely, budget-conscious results that meet your goals.

We deeply respect the architect's vision, honor the project's purpose, and understand the developer's short and long-term objectives, including maintenance responsibilities.

As a trusted partner and collaborator, Mistick Construction communicates openly, and addresses concerns directly. We're dedicated to achieving your end goal with integrity, offering practical solutions without compromising quality. Whether it's site analysis or construction itself, Mistick Construction is ready to step in at any stage of your project.


Mistick has done an excellent job of pre-punch list work & have produced an excellent product. Mistick’s subs also have provided excellent quality of work. I was extremely impressed with the quality [of work], the professionalism, & attention to detail.

Barry Beatty, Senior Project Coordinator
Upstreet Architects